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"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

- Albert Schweitzer

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Choose your happiness over everything


Developing internal understanding & living cosciously


Belonging & contributing to healty communities


Creating healthy and balanced financial understanding


Creating & keeping strong & encouraging relationships


Developing personal growths & living incredible life

Natural living

Promoting healthy and balanced living techniques

Our mission is to help millions of individuals prosper in job and also life by boosting their emotional health and wellness with science-backed skills and also methods.


15. i 16. FEBRUARY, 2020 - PULA - DOM HRVATSKIH BRANITELJA. Happiness is essential for each person's life. For your life is important to live life with satisfaction and enjoyment. Happiness is not a feeling, that is a skill that everyone can learn and improve it if they practice each day.

Benefits of Happiness

Happiness Boost Productivity and Improves Your Physical Health

Happiness is Perhaps the Best Antidote to Stress and Anxiety and Primes You to Perform at Your Best

Happiness Creates Success (Much More than Success Creates Happiness)

What our team believe about living happier

Our team believe that happiness is not a feeling, however a skill we can all learn as well as enhance through method.

Our team believe that it's not an unimportant added but a critical, non-negotiable active ingredient in living a meeting, purposeful, healthy life.

We believe that our best wellbeing is realized when we quit attempting to transform the unfavorable into the positive and also welcome the full range of human emotions with empathy as well as stamina.


The majority of people waste their entire lives waiting on joy, yet the secret is that we already have all we require to be satisfied now with what we have.

I discovered first hand that life is short, unpredictable, and can change in an instant, so no more waiting.

Happiness is a Powerful Tool

Joy is not just an emotion, yet an effective device that can aid us become healthier, accomplish goals, improve our partnerships, and also make our dreams come to life. When we more than happy, we are more inspired, calmer, friendlier, as well as extra peaceful. Imagine that.

Happiness is Easier Than You Believe.

I will show you very easy steps for accomplishing joy on a daily basis. I use these techniques myself to combat diseases, conditions, and also the daily mayhem, in addition to handling tough and annoying individuals, to name a few points life tosses at you.

Based on Favorable as well as Buddhist psychology, my very own expertise and also experience, scientific research study, and happy & lengthy living individuals themselves, these happiness techniques will certainly bring you peace, delight, enjoyable, and also laughter. Nevertheless, isn't that what life is about?

Do not squander an additional day being miserable.

End up being pleased currently and let its magic work on you, your loved ones, as well as the globe.

"Ira as well as her team absolutely offered their best and poured whatever they had as well as much more into these occasions. They put in the time to listen and get to know our people and also society, and also instilled that right into mentor happiness as a skill you implement"

John Harvey
Happiness Coach


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